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Florida and Georgia

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WEST CE PROVIDER, LLC is dedicated to educating licensed massage therapists and other healthcare professionals to be the best they can be in their field.

WEST CE Provider, LLC offers unique techniques that have been written and taught by Lena West and other hand picked instructors.

We offer:

Classes, Workshops and Destination CE adventures.


Continuing Education is supposed to be an opportunity to learn something new that is useful in your practice.  Each one of our classes is designed to do just that.  We do not hard sell product or promote ourselves.  Our focus is strictly on you and what you need to learn in order to enhance your practice.  We are constantly adding classes based on the feedback we get from our community.


We believe the more educated a massage therapist is, the better they can help their client.  We are always continuing to improve a massage therapist's resume.


We offer online continuing education classes, and in-classroom settings, as well as all the mandatory continuing education classes needed to renew a license under Florida Department of Health. 


We also offer correspondence courses that we call our"pajama courses".  You can stay in your PJs and take them at your own pace, then turn in the assessments by mail, fax or scan.  See our classes page for details. 



Thank you for taking a look at our information and we hope to see you in a class.  LENA WEST, owner, BS, LMT, NMT, MFR


Invest in your career!